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After the eighth La Liga championship, Bayern Munich's Lobster is heading to the second domestic title this season, which is the QG Cup, where they will face Leverkusen at dawn tomorrow morning in the final. The match took place on the Olympic ground in Berlin.

Leverkusen vs Bayern

To be in the final, Bayern had to overcome a series of nasty opponents in the Bundesliga Hoffenheim, Schalke and Frankfurt. Meanwhile, Leverkusen almost has not faced any difficulties when it only has to face with 2nd class rivals like Stuttgart, even 4th place like Saarbrucken.

Therefore, it is understandable that Bayern Munich is more appreciated than Leverkusen in this match. The house even has, the gray lobster handicaps up to 1 3/4 shows the remarkable excess of coach and coach Hans Flick.

With the nature of a final, 1 1/2 is a difficult rate, but indeed for Bayern, they are strong enough to overcome this barrier because of the superiority of the Gray Lobster compared to the rest of German football. As before Leverkusen is very clear. Evidence, the last 7 confrontations, Bayern won 5 matches and all 5 were with the score.

In the Bundesliga last season, Bayern is the team with the second highest number of matches in the tournament, just behind Leipzig. The confrontation between the Gray Lobster and Leverkusen also often appears many goals. Specifically, there were a total of 32 goals made in just the last 7 confrontations, an average of 4.57 goals / game - a statistic that is strong enough to convince the lovers of the door.