Back after the season was interrupted by the Covid Flu pandemic - 19, Birmingham kept its necessary stability when there were 2 consecutive draws. 

That has extended the unbeaten series of the host team St Andrew’s to 12/13 last matches.

Not only helping the home team escape the red-light group with 7 more points, Birmingham is an ideal investment channel for Asian investors.  Specifically, the home team St Andrew’s won the match to 9/13 matches played recently.

Contrary to the stability of Birmingham, Huddersfield showed a weak face when losing both recent matches.  It was also the 3rd defeat in a row for this team and caused them to fall to the red light group but only less secure than the sub-group.

Not only is the decline, but the performance of Huddersfield is also very bleak.  Specifically, this team lost 11 games both professionally and in Asia in a total of 19 marches away from home.