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EFL: Bristol vs Cardiff

It seems that Cardiff City will continue to have a throw-away season, the recent stable performance has helped Neil Harris teachers and teachers step into a position in the top 6. However, the journey in the rounds still remains. It's not easy for Cardiff City. Because there are so many of the following teams are enjoying the promotion play-off they are holding. Therefore, only having to encounter a deteriorating Bristol City will be an opportunity for Cardiff City to protect the fragile advantage.

During the first leg of the season, Bristol City has always been in the top 6 teams. It seemed that this would be a memorable season for Lee Johnson's teachers and students, everything suddenly changed. They continued to play badly, and now it can be confirmed that Bristol City has no specific goals to look forward to. In the last round, they lost bitterly before Sheffield Wed with 1-2 score at home. Thus, for 7 consecutive rounds, Ashton Gate's team has not known the smell of victory, even losing 5 times in all. In particular, all the last 3 home games of Bristol were completely drawn and lost. With 55 points in hand after 40 rounds, Bristol City does not have many opportunities to attend the play-off round for promotion. Along with the competitive spirit that is in serious decline. 

In contrast to the host, Cardiff City showed an excellent performance after the tournament was restarted. The students of coach Neil Harris defeated the first team in Leeds in the 38th round and then again beat Preston despite having to march away. As such, Cardiff is still able to maintain a series of 5 consecutive games of their unbeaten performance in the First Class playground. In the away field, even teachers and coach Neil Harris won 4/5 trips away from the nearest home. As such, the 6th position with 61 points for them is absolutely worth it and Cardiff City needs to show their determination to protect the advantage they are holding.