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EFL: Cardiff vs HCAFC

In theory, Hull City has not officially relegated, but everyone understands this team has firmly held the ticket to play in League One next season. Therefore, this is a better opportunity for Cardiff City to head to the scoring mission to ensure a place in the promoted play-off group.

The impressive series after the tournament re-started from the pandemic helped Neil Harris's army climb to 6th place in the rankings with 70 points obtained after 45 rounds. Of course, this is the position where they will get promoted to the playoffs. However, the gap between Cardiff City and the team chasing behind Swansea is 3 points but inferior to the sub-index. Therefore, Cardiff City need to play focused, because if they happen, they may still lose their position to the other team. In this situation, 1 point is enough for Cardiff City to consolidate its position and it seems that the task is not too difficult. The hosts' form is in good shape as the last 5 matches they have won 3 wins and 2 losses. With home advantage plus determination stronger than the opponent, of course 3 points is entirely within Cardiff City's reach.

Once an unknown team in the Premier League, the prospect of next season playing in League One is very close. With 3 points less than a safe position and losing to 16 goals in difference, only the miracle in this match will help the Tigers to stay in the First Division. Moreover, the performance of Hull City this time is also very poor. After the 8-8 defeat to Wigan, the home defeat to the more comfortable opponent, Luton Town, continued at the weekend. Calculation, Hull City have lost all the last 5 rounds and it seems that this team has given up despite fate pushing. In the last 20 matches in all competitions, Hull City won only 1 game, the rest lost 16 matches was a really disappointing image for the visitors. In the situation that Hull City has exhausted the spirit of competition like now, it is difficult for the visitors to win points on the upcoming trip.