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EFL: Charlton vs Millwall

Charlton 20:15 Millwall

Sublimation performance after the English Premier League re-helped Charlton gradually escape the group holding the red light. However, with the difference is not really big with the dangerous area, Charlton still needs the next victory to be sure of relegation success. Therefore, the upcoming Millwall reception will be an opportunity for teachers and coach Lee Bowyer to extend the uplifting days.

At the moment Charlton is still trying to accumulate more points through each round. After 40 matches, this team is ranked 18th in the standings with 46 points and Charlton's current distance with the red light group is only 4 points. In this round, Charlton will face a challenge called Millwall. Need to know that. In the past 11 confrontations within the official tournament, Charlton failed to win a match. Millwall's specific achievements in these 11 competitions are 6 wins and 5 draws. Two recent confrontations with Charlton in the framework of the First Class English playground, Millwall won with a score of 2-1. Even so, Charlton still brings a lot of confidence to the fans. Because after the epidemic period, Charlton is returning stronger than ever by winning 7 points after 3 matches (win 2, draw 1).

Millwall has now won 56 points, now ranked at 11th place in the English Premier Playground. Their achievements come from 13 wins, 17 draws and 10 defeats. In fact, at the beginning of the season Millwall played very well and they always face in the top 6 teams. But the decline in form made the visitors almost no chance of reaching the play-off group. Especially, Millwall's away record is not impressive when they only have 5 wins away from home from the beginning of the season. In the last 5 trips, Millwall has won 2 victories. In the last 5 appearances, Millwall won only 1. The highlight for the visitors now is probably the achievement against Charlton. However, in the context that their opponent is thirsty to race relegation. The quest for points with Millwall is really not easy.