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From a team that was judged to have no more room to make it into the promotion play-off group, the sublime performance of the past time has helped Derby closer to the finish line than ever. Even "sheep" is the name of the highest performance in the English First Division at the moment. Therefore, including welcoming a very strong Nottingham, 3 points are still within reach of teachers and teachers Phillip Cocu.

Last season Derby lost a promotion unfortunately. Therefore, they are very determined to enter the English First Division this season. In fact, at the beginning of the season, they played quite badly and it seemed that the "sheep" no longer had the opportunity to get into the top 6. But the situation turned around recently, when Derby suddenly played sublimated. Specifically, they all won the last 5 rounds to return to the race with the top. At this time, teachers and coach Phillip Cocu rose to 7th place in the rankings with 57 points and only 1 point behind the top 6. Although regaining form quite late, the promotion door is still open for the Pride Park team. To do that, the first thing that coach Phillip Cocu and his students have to do is beat Nottingham in the next match.

Nottingham did not disappoint their fans by getting themselves a good ranking towards the ticket to appear in the Premier League next season. Currently, this team has a record of 17 wins, 13 draws and 9 losses. The result gives Nottingham 67 points and 4th place in the rankings. Having missed the position of direct promotion to 7 points, of course Nottingham's feasible goal now is the play-off ticket. However, compared to what they have shown before, the current performance of the visitors is not appreciated. Specifically, the last 6 matches they won 3 and drew 2 and lost 1. The biggest confidence of Nottingham before this game was the confrontation achievement. Because all three times encountered each other recently, Nottingham has won. Even so, in the context of Derby so sublimated, it is difficult for Nottingham to repeat that feat.