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EFL: Derby vs Brentford

Submitting Charlton in the last round, Brentford marked a series of extremely sublime matches at the stage of closing the first-class English playground. Even this team is the most impressive possession since the tournament re-started after the Covid-19 pandemic. At this point, Brentford's mission is no longer the top 6, but their destination is the two leading positions. Of course, a victory over Derby County will help them to hope that. However, that is obviously an easy task.
Having to be a guest of a strong West Brom, Derby County had to accept to leave with a 0-2 defeat. Thus, Derby County is gradually losing the advantage to step into the promotion play-off group in the remaining 4 short rounds. Currently, with 61 points after 42 rounds, "The sheep" has dropped to 9th place in the rankings. However, with a distance of only 3 points to the top 6, the opportunity is still great for Derby County. In fact, before losing to West Brom, Derby County played very well. Specifically, they were unbeaten in all 5 previous matches and had 4 victories. Before the reception of Brentford, experts unexpectedly underestimated Derby County. However, remember that this team plays very well at home and the possibility that they bring down the opponent who is ranked 3rd in the rankings is very feasible. In contrast to the past to see. 

Brentford has shown an impressive performance since the tournament re-started after the pandemic. In the last round, they beat Charlton to raise the series of victories in the First Division in the UK to 6. This is the most impressive achievement at this stage that a team can lane. The impressive result helped Brentford climb to 3rd place with 75 points, now they are 5 points lower than the first place and the mission of the visitors is very clear. To complete the goal of reaching the top two places, of course Brentford must win all four remaining rounds and the opponent must stumble. Of course it was no easy task as Brentford had no agency left. Even after a Derby County visit, it is likely to be the end of Brentford's ambition.