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EFL: Forest vs Bristol

With the English Championship slowly drifting to the final stages, Nottingham is still trying to find hope of promotion.  With the current score, it is not easy for Nottingham to reach the top 2, but they can completely aim for finishing in the play-off group.  

At the moment, Nottingham is 7 to 7 points ahead of the team and if they win this match, they will almost certainly be in the top 6 when the season ends.

Meeting opponents who are not motivated like Bristol City is a better opportunity for Nottingham to pocket 3 points.  Bristol City is in the middle of the standings and with the current score, this team does not worry about relegation but it is difficult to rise to the play-off competition.  The important thing is that Bristol City has shown signs of decline and recent surrender.

Count out the last 7 rounds Bristol City did not win, and they failed to 5 matches of them.  Meanwhile, Nottingham has just revived the spirit by beating Huddersfield 3-1 at home.  The match was also the fourth in the last five rounds, Nottingham did not lose in the Asian index, it showed the stability of this team is higher than Bristol City.

On the market, this match Nottingham has a handicap, the handicap according to the writer is satisfactory for them.  Be aware that 4 times to meet Bristol City at home recently, Nottingham only accept the highest handicap at 1/4.  Through the evaluation of this house, it can be seen that Nottingham's position is a little different from the past.  So choosing this match is reasonable!