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Only 2 more rounds left until the end of the season and West Brom were 5 points behind Leeds United. Therefore, the chance of championship for Slaven Bilic teachers and students is not much. Therefore, they need to focus on defending 2nd place against Brentford's pursuit with only 1 point less. Brentford is in very high form so if not win this match, West Brom will almost lose the 2nd position. However, Huddersfield need relegation points will also be a nasty opponent for West Brom this game.

The two new teams have had 4 encounters in the last 10 years with each team winning 2 matches. In particular, West Brom won 4-2 in the first leg of this season. 7 rounds after COVID, Slaven Bilic's teachers and kicks were very bad when they only won 3, drew 3 and lost 1 match. However, Huddersfield was not much better when they won 1, drew 3 and lost 3 matches in which they lost 2/3 of their home matches and all 3 matches did not score. More broadly, Huddersfield also lost to 9 home games this season and up to 9/9 games can not score. Meanwhile, West Brom are the best away team to win 12/22 matches and 9/12 wins keep clean sheets. Therefore, there is still reason to believe that the visitors will overcome difficulties to win these 3 points.