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EFL: Huddersfield vs PNEFC

The Huddersfield host, although still standing in the 19th position, their position is always in the dangerous area. Because with 45 points after 40 rounds, the home team is only 3 points better than Hull City. They all lost the last 3 rounds, conceding 7 times and scoring only 1 goal. With such a poor performance, the next game must welcome Preston, who is competing in the top 6, so the chances of winning the homeownership are not much.

In recent times, Preston has shown an unimpressive face. In the last 5 matches, this team earned only 1 point, thereby losing the opportunity to reach the top of the rankings. The reason for the above results is that Neil's teachers and students did not show stability at the defense stage. Many times in this season, this team fell into a similar state. Currently they are getting 57 points less than the top 6 only 4 points so the opportunity is still with the away team, the next match with the team is much weaker so need to take the opportunity to save 3 points for themselves.

The hosts' form is not good as the last 5 matches they only won 2 wins and 3 losses. The host has not performed well when the last 3 rounds have been lost. Huddersfield is in an unsafe position on the table and will certainly need to try hard to find a good result in the match against Preston. 

The form of the visitors is not good when the last 5 matches they won 1 draw and 4 losses. Preston was not in good form when he didn't know how to win in the last 4 appearances. They received 3 defeats to West Brom, Fulham, QPR with two goals and recently, in the first match from the start of the season to the start of Covid-19, they were drawn by Luton. But with their determination, they will quickly catch up, the next match even plays away, but the opponent is not in good form so 3 points is completely within the ability of the visitors.