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EFL: LTFC vs Reading FC

With Luton host everything is gradually getting worse for this team. They are currently ranked with 40 points after 40 matches, currently they are only 3 points lower than the safety group. The remaining 6 rounds in theory are enough for Mr. Cooper and his students to turn the tables, so they need to try to play more in the remaining games. The upcoming match will be returned to the home ground to welcome the team that is above them, but with their determination, 3 points will stay with the owner in this match.

Reading is also not performing well compared to fans' expectations. At this moment, the visitors are ranked 16th on the table with 49 points. From the position of Reading to the bottom of the table Luton is only exactly 9 points apart. With the distance of the two teams given, obviously, the difference between the two sides is not too big. Moreover, the visitors are not playing well in the past, so the match to march to the field of the team that is so thirsty for the moment is hard to make the visitors have good results before leaving.

The hosts' form is not going well as the last 5 matches they have only won 1 win and 4 draws. Luton has been in no better form. Although still in the bottom of the table, their gap with the top teams and the safety area has been narrowed significantly, only 3 points away from the safe area, the opportunity to relegate is opened again to the owner. home. These are very commendable efforts for them if they know that at times they have been spent by other teams and no longer seem to be relegated. The change of coach has brought positive results. The next match they get 3 points, the chance of relegation is opened brighter so the homeowners are very determined in the next match.

The form of the visitors is not good when the last 5 matches they won 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses. They are better than the relegation group with a gap of 7 points. This is a quite safe distance but with the current disappointing performance of coach Mark Bowen's teachers and students, they can not be assured. If you continue kicking as bad as last time, it will be very dangerous. The next match will be a difficult match for the away team because of the disadvantage of the pitch, with the host playing quite well, so it is not easy for the away team to have beneficial results in this match.