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EFL: LTFC vs Rovers

Almost out of hope of relegation, the impressive series of games helped Luton Town regain hope for life. Although this team has not yet escaped from the group holding the red light, but just standing behind the safe area because of the inferior sub-index, it is clear that everything will remain there until this round ends.

Luton Town welcomes opponents who no longer have the goal of playing Blackburn at home in the framework of the final match of the English First Division with the goal of having to clear 3 points if they want to relegate successfully. Before the final round in the English first division, Luton Town was ranked 22nd in the red light group with 48 points, 3 points ahead of the Hull City team and the penultimate team Barnsley 2 points. However, the hope of Luton Town's relegation is huge when they are equal to the team ranked above Charlton and even just 3 points behind the 18th place team. Their direct opponent in this year's race is Chartlton, the last round is likely to be difficult to score against Leeds, so Luton just need to draw to win tickets to the First Division next year. In terms of form, since the tournament returned so far in 8 matches, Luton Town has lost only once, won 3 and drawn 4 in the remaining 7 matches. Therefore, Luton Town is very confident to welcome Blackburn in the upcoming fateful match.

On this side, Blackburn with 63 points and the difference of +4 only ranked 10th and had the dream of promotion again next year. Specifically, they are inferior to the teams in the play-off group who compete for tickets to 7 points, so Blackburn's last match is only procedural and honorable. Blackburn's form since the tournament returned is quite erratic when winning 3, drawing 1 and losing 4 in 8 matches played. The away record of the team is worse than just winning 1 and losing 4 of the last 5 trips. Obviously, exhausting the target greatly affects the morale of the team. In the first match, Luton Town once overcame Blackburn on the opponent's field with a score of 2-1. Therefore, there is no reason for fans to lose faith in this team.