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EFL: LUFC vs Barnsley

A victory over Barnsley will bring Leeds closer than ever to the prestigious promotion. In the context of the season only 3 rounds ahead, of course, the army of coach Marcelo Bielsa does not want to put himself in a difficult position. Not to mention their opponent is just a dead Barnsley at the bottom of the rankings, 3 points clearly within the reach of Leeds.

The first-class English playing field this year is going on very attractive and it looks like the race towards 2 direct promotion tickets only ends in the last round. Leeds are currently leading the rankings but the gap between them and the 2nd ranked team is only 3 points. Even, they can still be robbed of the ticket to directly upgrade when the 3rd and 4th ranked teams are only 6 and 8 points behind, respectively. While there are only 3 rounds left to finish, the chances of winning the title of the host is quite high. At this point, Leeds need only 4 points in the last 3 rounds will certainly appear in the Premier League next season. The fact that it is not difficult task when in this round they only face Barnsley. Remember, Leeds' performance is impressive when they are unbeaten in the last 5 rounds and they won 4 of them. Before this confrontation. 

It seems that the relegation battle has ended with Barnsley, the impressive performance after the re-tournament helped the visitors find a little faith. Despite losing only 1 match in the last 6 rounds, that result is still not enough to save Barnsley when there are 4 draws. In the last round, despite having the first court advantage and being played more than the last 30 minutes, Barnsley was still unable to penetrate the Wigan defense and accepted a goalless draw. At this time, the visitors came at the bottom of the table with 43 points, 3 points behind the safety group. Therefore, the remaining 3 rounds of Barnsley's task are very heavy. In the context of the current Leeds is still maintaining a very stable performance. Defeating Leeds at the present time is not easy with Barnsley.