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EFL: Millwall vs BORO

Only 5 more rounds to go, the English first division this season will end. Currently, the race for promotion and relegation is very intense. 

With 59 points, Millwall is ranked 10th on the chart. Because of only 5 points less than the top 6 and playing less than 1 match, teachers and teachers Gary Rowett still have the opportunity to reach the play-off group.

Tonight's Middlesbrough game is so important to Millwall. Their opponent is currently in the group holding the red light. However, on the trading floor, teachers and teachers Gary Rowett are only ranked by the house on the screen with the ratio of 0: 1/4. This is a modest handicap, which is not enough to show a big difference between the two teams in the rankings.

In fact, since the Championship competition returned, Millwall has not created a great rebound as expected. Before the victory on the field of Charlton, Gary Rowett's teachers and students had 3 consecutive games of disappointment (draw 2, lost 1). Calculated, in the last 8 rounds, they only 2 times triumphal song.

The ineffective performance of attackers is one of the reasons Millwall often gets disappointed when appreciated. Because of that, in the last 6 home games, they only know how to draw and lose, including 2 matches that have a 0: 1/4 handicap.

As for Middlesbrough, this team has been pushed into a corner. They fell to 22nd position in the rankings with 44 points, 1 point below the safe position. Therefore, Boro is highly appreciated for the fighting spirit in the 5 rounds. With offensive defensive play, they absolutely can make it difficult for Millwall. Do not forget that in the last 3 away games, Neil Warnock's teachers and students had 2 victories.

Looking back, Middlesbrough has reason to believe in good results because they only lost 1/7 to Millwall recently. With a poor attack, Millwall is clearly not reliable in this match.

The ratio of total goals is only listed at 2 1/4 with a relatively low score for Over. The ability to explode is not high because Millwall is showing an ineffective attack ability. It is no coincidence that their last 10/12 matches only have a maximum of 2 goals. On the other side of the battle line, the latest 6/9 matches of Middlesbrough also have similar results.