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EFL: Millwall vs HTAFC

Both Millwall and Huddersfield are teams that don't have many goals this season. The reason is that they are definitely relegated at the moment and also not able to compete for promotion with the leading group. However, this is still a match worth waiting for in the framework of the first round match of the First Division English. Because a victory to show gratitude to fans is of course the destination that both will aim for.

With 65 points and a difference of +3, the home team Millwall is temporarily ranked 9th in the rankings, but has no basis for play-off competition when it is 6 to 5 points lower than the top. This is a really unfortunate result, because Millwall has had a long time to be in the top 6 leading teams. Millwall's performance at this stage is not too stable. In the last 5 matches, Millwall host 3 wins, but also received 2 defeats, defeats indicating a gap in defense with 6 times to concede. Anyway at the present time, in a game not much meaning will be an opportunity for the New Den home team to improve the poor confrontation record against the opponent. Remember, in the last 10 meetings between the two teams, Millwall had to receive 6 defeats.

Huddersfield is the team that has just relegated from the Premier League last season. Despite being highly appreciated for their ability, the visitors have struggled in the relegation group throughout the journey has passed this season. Specifically, with 51 points after 45 games played, Huddersfield only got 17th place in the rankings. Even after a series of poor achievements earlier in the season, the relegation ticket could be considered a success for teachers and coach Danny Cowley. Huddersfield's performance this season as well as recently has never been rated as stable. In the last 5 trips, the Galpharm team has only 1 victory and certainly this is not a statistic that can bring a positive result in the upcoming trip.