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EFL: Millwall vs Rovers

Defeating Hull City in the previous round, Millwall showed no small determination to step into the promotion play-off group. With only 3 rounds left in the immediate future, surely The Den team will try to accumulate more points. In this match, before the opponent is only a Blackburn running out of goals, of course Millwall will not miss the opportunity to continue raising hope.

The English Premier League is coming to an end and the teams only have 3 rounds left to try to accomplish the goal. Millwall is also racing against time to climb to the top 6, thereby getting the chance to participate in the play-off playoffs. At this moment, Millwall is ranked 9th on the rankings with 62 points obtained after 43 rounds. In theory, they still have a chance to win a promotion play-off ticket, but the gap of 2 points is not easy to level in the context of only 3 rounds of the season. Because the names above are Preston, as well as Swansea still proved very determined. Of course Millwall still had to fight to the last breath and wait for his opponent to stumble. In terms of form, Millwall is playing well when losing only 1, drawing 2 and losing 2 in the last 5 rounds. Not to mention, only encountering a target Blackburn will be a problem not difficult to solve for Millwall.

Outstanding at holding West Brom in the last round, Blackburn still showed that he was not easily defeated at all. Before that, they also successfully tripped a top team that is thirsty another Cardiff City with a 3-2 victory on the opponent's field. However, Blackburn is undeniable quite a lot when losing the last 3/5 matches. The reason everyone can recognize when it comes from the uncertain line and subjectivity when relegated successfully. During the past 8 matches, Mowbray's teachers and students have not kept a clean sheet in any matches, and have also received 15 goals. Currently, the away team is 12th in the rankings with 60 points gained after 43 rounds. In theory, Blackburn still has a door to reach the promotion play-off group. However, with such a great distance.