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Suddenly losing to the team in the red light group Barnsley, the Nottingham players still can not be sure of a promotion play-off ticket. Although it is difficult for them to be kicked out of this position, but only encountering a goal Stoke City will be an opportunity for Nottingham to end the last poor match.

There used to be a very good playing stage and even close to the top two positions, but Nottingham could not maintain its stability and gradually declined when the tournament resumed. At this time, Nottingham has a pretty firm place in the top 6 when it is having 70 points ranked 5th in the rankings than the 7th ranked team is 3 points. However, to ensure the ticket to the play-off promotion, Nottingham still needs at least 1 more point. In fact, with a difference of 3 points and 5 difference tables compared to Swansea, Nottingham can theoretically be quite sure of the top 6 this season. Therefore, they entered this match with great comfort. The hosts' form is not going well as the last 5 matches they have only won 3 draws and 2 losses. It is clear that stability is something that Sabri Lamouchi teachers and students do not have at the moment.

Currently, Stoke City is only ranked 17th in the rankings with 53 points. This is an absolute safe position for Stoke City to be able to relegate successfully this season when it has created a distance of up to 5 points with the red light group. That is of course not an impressive achievement for Stoke City knowing that their goals are much bigger. In terms of form, Stoke City is playing well with only 1 loss and 3 wins in the last 5 appearances. However, Stoke City played too poorly for the away team when they did not win in the last 8 rounds, so they only won 4/22 matches. In particular, from the beginning of the season, they lost 13 games, conceding 41 times when away from home. Their form on the away field is really flimsy and that is the death door that makes Stoke City more likely to embrace in the upcoming trip.