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After losing at home to Fulham in the last round, Nottingham will continue their journey in the First Division this season with a trip to Preston's Deepdale in the 43rd match. This is expected to be a stormy trip, when Preston will play deadly to raise hopes of advancing to the promotion plasy-off group. Under the immense pressure, wait and see if Nottingham has the courage to overcome.

It can be said that the race has a place in the top 6 at the present time that is equally attractive to the race to the championship as well as the relegation battle. Even with the teams not having too many points difference, this is the most intense battle. At this moment Preston is the name who is participating in this race and they of course aim for 3 points in all 4 upcoming matches. The goal of ending the season in the top 6 is workable for the home team. By this time they are in 8th place with 61 points and only 6 points behind the top 6. However, in the past few rounds, the Deepdale Stadium team is bringing great disappointment when they only won 1 draw 2 and received 2 defeats in the last 5 rounds. Therefore, despite playing at home in the next 90 minutes, their chances of winning are not highly appreciated.

The Nottingham visitors have just ended their unbeaten match at City Ground at Fulham. In fact, with 68 points having the same position 5 in the rankings, the army of Coach Sabri Lamouchi is still in the hands of self-determination. Despite possessing a poor confrontation record against Preston, but in the situation of the opponent who is currently playing down, winning is a completely feasible goal with Forest on this trip. Remember, during the last 10 rounds, only 2 defeats were received. In particular, all 5 trips away from the nearest home, Nottingham did not lose. In the context that homeowners are having great psychological problems as well as motivation, this will definitely be a good opportunity for the guests to take advantage of and earn a positive result.