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EFL: QPR vs Millwall

While QPR has run out of goals to strive for the rest of the season, Millwall still has to play very determined to head to the prestigious play-off ticket. That is the biggest difference in this pair and it will not be too surprising when the team is more determined to have the final victory.

Although only a Luton was struggling in the red light group, QPR could only leave the field with 1 point in hand in the previous round. With 54 points so far, QPR is temporarily ranked 16th on the current rankings. They are 9 points higher than the group holding the red light but also losing the top 6 to 13 points. So for the remaining 2 matches of the season, this team will only treat it as procedural matches. In fact, the London team soon showed a feeling of surrender due to their relegation. Since the English Premier League 2019/20 came back after the Covid-19 epidemic break, QPR only won 1 match, drew 1 and received up to 5 defeats in 7 matches played. Worth mentioning, the team of Coach Warburton has lost all 3 home matches in the above series. With such a weak fighting spirit, it is not difficult to predict another failure for QPR.

Crushing Blackburn with the minimum score, Millwall showed great effort to get into the promotion play-off group. With 65 points obtained after 44 games played, they are only 2 points below the top 6 right now. Especially after what has been shown, Millwall is considered to have a very high chance to climb up to take the ticket to participate in the promotion play-off round. The form of the visitors is quite good when the last 5 matches they won 3 wins 1 draw and 1 loss. Tonight, despite having to play away from home, Millwall is confident in completing the 3-point goal.