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EFL: Rovers vs Leeds

After years of absence in the most prestigious playground in the foggy country, finally the once powerful representative of the Premier League has gradually returned. With impressive performances from the beginning of the season, the promotion ticket was almost firmly in the hands of Leeds. In the context that the tournament has only 6 rounds remaining, of course coach Marcelo Bielsa does not want to wear any more mistakes. Therefore, being a guest on Blackburn's mecca, but it is not surprising that Leeds is highly appreciated to bring about the next victory.

After a 3-1 win over Bristol City, Blackburn had to hang their shirts for 2 consecutive matches on Wigan Athletic (0-2) and Barnsley (0-2). These are obviously very disappointing results, because these two opponents are not appreciated. Even Barnsley is still struggling in the red light group. At this time, Blackburn still has the opportunity to compete in the Premier League next season despite ranked 10th. However, being 5 points below the top 6 before the 41st round starts, it is too difficult for Blackburn to fulfill that dream. Not to mention, in the last 7 matches, the home team only brought 1 true victory. At home, 3/5 recent reception Blackburn were all draw and lost. So, in this match, Blackburn is showing a lot more disadvantage than a mighty Leeds.

Prior to the start of the English Premier League this season, together with West Brom, Leeds were two highly rated names for the possibility of direct promotion. In fact, up to now, it is not unexpected that Leeds and West Brom are leading the rankings together. In the last match, Leeds managed to get 1 point ahead of Luton even though they were the team that was behind. Accordingly, calculated in the past 9 matches, Leeds won an overwhelming 6 times and only stumbled exactly 1 time only. In particular, three quarters of the recent march they were unbeaten in the end when they won 2 and drew 1. Currently they are also leading the rankings with 1 point more than the second ranked team, West Brom. The gap between Leeds and the third place is currently held by Brenford up to 6 points. Therefore, just 7 points in the remaining 4 rounds, Leeds will gain promotion.