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EFL: Swans vs Bristol

Theoretically, both Swansea City and Bristol City have the opportunity to participate in the promotion play-off round. However, it is difficult for them to accomplish that goal, when agency is no longer in their hands. Therefore, this is still a match that the two teams will play with the most comfortable mentality. Let's wait and see, Swansea City will continue to maintain hope, or Bristol City will have good results as the encounter "black swan" before measurement.

With the defeat to Leeds and the recent draw on the field of Nottingham, the door to enter the top 6 of Swansea City is becoming more fragile than ever. If you can not win 3 points completely before Bristol City at Liberty home in round 46 here, all hopes of teachers and coach Steve Cooper will end. Specifically, Swansea City has 64 points and ranked 8th on the rankings after 44 rounds. They are 3 points behind the play-off team and need to win the remaining 2 rounds to hope. In terms of form, Swansea City is playing quite well when winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 1 in the last 5 appearances. However, Swansea City's ability to take advantage of the home field is quite modest with only 2 victories in 7 matches when played at their home in recent years. That will be a big minus point, when their opponent will be a dirty Bristol City. 

Bristol City is also fighting the goal of a promotion play-off ticket when they now have 61 points and the opportunity to compete for a promotion play off is still available. But Bristol City is more disadvantageous than its rivals, because they are 6 to 5 points behind the top. That means a draw also makes them officially lose the opportunity. It can be said that Bristol is not a pleasant opponent with the team nicknamed "the white swan". In the last 10 meetings, the balance is tilted towards the away team with 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 defeats. However, the situation at the present seems much brighter with the home team Liberty. In addition, in the last 5 operations, Lee Johnson's army had only 1 victory, 1 draw and 3 defeats.