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Sublimation performance is helping Fulham cling to hope to snatch the promotion ticket directly from West Brom's hands. With a difference of 2 points, the goal of Fulham is very clear. However, it is difficult to expect their opponents to stumble. Anyway "there's still a slap" and Fulham still have to live to hope.

In the last round, Wigan continued to show his instability when Charlton drew 2-2 even though the team was leading up to the last minute of injury time. Earlier, the DW Stadium home team had a record 8-0 home victory against Hull City. Anyway, with 58 points, they're still 13th in the rankings before the final round. The result helped Wigan get the most comfortable mentality in the upcoming round of curtain elimination. Last time, the form only stopped at a stable level, not breakthrough, in the last 6 games, they won 3, draw 2 and lost 1. However, Wigan played very well at home when they won all 4 times to welcome guests. closest and even without conceding a goal. Enthusiastic play and great fighting spirit in the context of the team has relegated safely. Wigan is willing to punish any opponent with current strength.

The Fulham visitors are "one of three" relegated names from the Premier League last season. With their own strength, although it was quite difficult to win the promotion directly, but anyway the performance of Fulham time The crossing is very commendable. The London side are in fourth place with 80 points, certainly a place in the top 6. The 2-point gap with the direct promotion ticket is hard to level, but they still have hope so they will be determined to have get 3 points to the match. Fulham's form is very impressive when unbeaten in the last 5 rounds, of which they drew 1 and won to 4. In terms of confrontation, during the last 20 encounters with Wigan, Fulham are unbeaten . Even that series has lasted from 2006 to the present. With superior confrontation performance and better performance than the opponent, we believe the visitors will get 3 points in this match.