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Huddersfield's 2-1 defeat on the pitch almost cost West Brom dearly. However, the competitors could not take advantage of the opportunity to capture the second position of the home team The Hawthorns. Obviously after that missed phase, West Brom need to get back the cold head to go to 3 points in the QPR reception. Thereby, becoming the second team to have a promotion ticket to the Premier League next season.

West Brom must feel very lucky because after losing to Huddersfield, they still retain the 2nd position in the rankings. It was a miracle because a team being promoted as Brentford also suddenly fell on Stoke field and missed the valuable second place. Currently, West Brom is in 2nd place with 82 points and is 1 point ahead of rivals, so just win against QPR in the opening game, West Brom will officially win the promotion ticket regardless of the end. Results of the remaining matches. This is entirely possible by the home team The Hawthorns unbeaten 4 recent matches at home. Plus the determination to win at all costs, West Brom will certainly overwhelm the QPR goal and defeat the opponent after the next 90 minutes. Especially, West Brom has more reason to be confident because they have won all of the last 3 times against QPR.

Other than the bright situation of the home team, QPR must make more efforts to hope to return to the Premier League as soon as possible. QPR are now relegated to 14th place in the table, so they are no longer motivated to compete with West Brom in this match. Moreover, the performance of the teachers and coaches of Warburton is also quite flattered when they only won 3 times in the last 10 matches. On the away field, the last 8/10 QPR operations did not win. Everything is more difficult for QPR when their opponents are very strong and have enough motivation to strive. Moreover, when QPR was the most recent guest at The Hawthorns, QPR lost 1-7.