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EPL: Blades vs Spurs

The opportunity for Sheffield United for the first time in history to appear on the European playing field is becoming increasingly remote. The recent series of 2 losing losses pushed them out of the top 6, falling to 9th place in the rankings. Recently, Sheffield United have also been officially eliminated from the FA Cup after losing to Arsenal right at home in the quarter-finals.

However, with a gap less than a point from Tottenham's 7th place, the opportunity for Sheffield United to win tickets to the Europa League next season is still available and tonight, they will face Spurs themselves at home. In round 32, a match in which Sheffield United were underestimated with a handicap of 1/2 in Asia.

Match Sheffield United vs Tottenham

Clearly, with a tie, Sheffield United is a name that deserves to be trusted. Despite being in bad shape, every time he plays at home, the teachers and coach Chris Wilder achieve the necessary excitement. Besides, 3 matches against Tottenham in the nearest Bramall Lane, Sheffield United do not lose, in which they beat Spurs up to 2 times.

On the other side of the battle line, Tottenham has regained a sense of victory after defeating the team in London, West Ham, with a score of 2-0. However, this result could not cover up this is the impressive season of Spurs when they almost run out of chances to win tickets to the top 4.

As a guest at Sheffield United, Tottenham set a goal of 3 points, but the ability they can not complete the task because outside the historical barrier, Tottenham's away form is also having problems. In the last 3 matches, when leaving the home in London, Mourinho's teachers and students did not once enjoy the joy of winning.