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EPL: Blues vs Hornets

Defeat 2-3 at West Ham Stadium a few days ago as a slap made Chelsea awaken. Indeed, it was the moment that the Blues were extremely excited with a series of 5 consecutive victories, they defeated both Man City and Leicester to firmly maintain the 4th position in the rankings.

But in a competition day like the field, West Ham forced the Blues to leave empty handed. This defeat leaves Chelsea at risk of being knocked out of the 4th position in the rankings when currently, they have only two rivals chasing behind are Wolves and Man United with a gap of 2 points.

Back at home to welcome Watford, Chelsea's goal is of course 3 points and it seems, this is not a very difficult task, not to say is simple for teachers and coach Frank Lampard. In terms of form, Chelsea are still playing well at home with 3 consecutive wins, before both Tottenham and Man City.

On the contrary, Watford is having problems. In the last 4 rounds in the Premier League, they only won a single point thanks to a lucky draw at home against Leicester. The remaining 3 matches, Watford lost to Crystal Palace, Burnley and the latest is a 1-3 loss against Southampton right at home.

In the last 3 consecutive matches, Chelsea won, in the 2000s, Watford also had 8 away games at Stamford Bridge and all they got was a draw in 2015. The remaining 7 matches, they lost to the Blues, including 6 defeats with at least 2 goals.