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EPL: Everton vs AFCB

Bournemouth has put a foot in the First Division of England. Before the final round, Bournemouth was the penultimate place on the table, 3 points behind the safe area. However, the opportunity to make a spectacular escape is still extremely slim.

If defeating Everton and the two rivals above (Aston Villa vs Watford) are in the same situation, Bournemouth will narrowly escape the scythe of death. At that time, they will equal points with both Watford and Aston Villa, and certainly more than these two rivals in terms of goal difference - defeat.

Specifically, Bournemouth is having a difference of -27. So if you win Everton, then the difference can not be less than -26. Meanwhile, the difference between goals and losses of Watford and Aston Villa is -27 and -26, so if the final round is defeated at any score, the difference will be lower than -27.

Of course, hope is very fragile but not without. In addition, both Watford and Aston Villa must be guests in the final round, so the possibility that they can still be out of hand.

Anyway, Bournemouth must first defeat Everton at all costs. This is not a simple task but not impossible. Everton is more appreciated, has a home advantage, but it is out of goals and the final match against Bournemouth is only a procedural meaning.

In fact, Everton have shown signs of surrendering for a long time. It is true that they just won in round 37 but the opponent they beat is only a Sheffield United who has run out of goals. In the previous 4 rounds, Everton did not win.

Meanwhile, Bournemouth of course fought very fiercely over time. In the last 4 rounds, they used to hold Tottenham 0-0 and specially humiliated Leicester who are racing Top 4 with a score of 4-1.

Tonight, Bournemouth also welcomes the return of two key defenders Adam Smith and Nathan Ake after the injury. Despite being a guest, it is clear that Bournemouth can completely defeat Everton to expect miracles. Surrounding