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EPL: Gunners vs Foxes

Before the trip to the Emirates Stadium, Wolves promptly regained the necessary excitement with a 3-0 victory over Crystal Palace. 3 points get the Fox to ensure the 3rd place in the rankings, meaning the ticket to the Champions League group stage next season.

However, that is not enough for football betting people to trust in Leicester because teachers and coach Brendan Rodgers only really play well at home. And every time to leave the "mother earth" King Power, Foxes become trivial and the loss on the field of rivals Norwich, Everton or Aston Villa is the most typical evidence.

And Leicester's poor performance away from home is also evident in the away trips at Arsenal. Since the early 2000s, Leicester have had six trips to London in the Premier League and they have all left with terrible misery.

On the Arsenal side, this is the second time in Premier League history, they are inferior to Leicester. The first time was in 2015, when Leicester miraculously won the championship. But according to football experts , with what is shown, the opportunity for teachers and coach Mikel Arteta to have 3 points is entirely possible.

Not long ago, Arsenal proved seasoned experience when defeating Wolves 2-0 on the opposing pitch. It is also the 4th consecutive victory of the London Gunners in all competitions. Confidence is coming to teachers and coaches Arteta and the fulcrum at home, able to continue to win against Leicester.