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EPL: LEI vs United

After the early sublimation season, the Foxes showed signs of shortness of breath especially after the epidemic break. It is this decline that pushed the team of Brandon Rodgers Chelsea and MU surpassed on the table . Now Leicester must win against MU to be able to raise hope in the top 4.

Losing James Maddison, Ben Chilwell due to injury, defender Soyuncu received a suspension, it is clear that the home team has more disadvantages than the Red Devils. The 3-0 loss to Tottenham in the 37th round also made the players' spirit "bottom".

Towards the visitors, Man Utd have also started showing signs of slowdown after sublimation streak since January 1. Two draws against Southampton regrettable and West Ham led the Red Devils lost opportunity early race finish top 4 Foreign English class .

But whatever you say, the army from Manchester is still a name with many distinct advantages over the opponent. In addition to having the most powerful force , United are also allowed to draw in this match to still be able to make the top 4.

However, in such vital games, every advantage or difference in level also becomes less important. In 90 minutes at King Power, the name that is more brave and takes advantage of better opportunities will be the name of the song.

And MU, with your desire and class, will most likely be that team.