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Having firmly secured the ticket to play in the English Premier League next season has left Norwich no longer any motivation to play in the rest of the Premier League 2019/2020.  This is explained by the dreadful series of teachers and coaches D. Farke when continuously empty handed to the last 5 matches.  In the previous round, having to go to a guest against a thirsty Arsenal to head to the ticket to attend the European arena made "Hoang Yen" very difficult and then have to leave with a humiliating 0-4 defeat.  .  On the other side of the battle line, Brighton last time made a surprise when they fell Arsenal with a score of 2-1 in the lead situation, but that positive face did not last long when immediately it was 2.  draw and lose, the latest 0-3 score against Man United.  After 32 rounds, "Seagull" earned 33 points and is ranked 15th in the rankings.

With only 21 points so far, it can be confirmed that Norwich City will not be featured in the highest level of playing ground in the fog next season.  Therefore, the remaining matches do not really mean a lot to them, not even to be grateful to the fans because the current situation of all matches has no audience to the field.  Another sad statistic for Norwich is that they have not been able to score in 7 of the last 8 matches (in the Premier League alone), so even if they are played at Carrow Road against Brighton, Chim's ability to win matches  Hoang Yen is not high.