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Norwich are showing a very unconvincing performance this season. After 34 rounds, Norwich won only 21 points and accepted to be ranked at the bottom of the table, up to 6 points behind the team. With the current results, it seems that Norwich has considered the prospect of having to play in the First Division next season. 
8 rounds back here, Norwich did not even win a single victory, they only got 1 draw and lost up to 7 matches. Norwich's chances became more and more narrow as the attacking goods flattened out and the defense continued to make serious mistakes. The poor performance made Norwich play at home but still ranked in the underdogs against West Ham in the next round.

Meanwhile, West Ham are also going through a difficult period when only winning 1 match in the last 5 appearances. On the current rankings, West Ham is ranked 16th with 31 points gained after 33 rounds. The distance that this team creates compared to the group holding the red light is only 4 points, which means that West Ham still has to buck to fight for the goal of relegation. Therefore, West Ham will not want to miss the opportunity to win 3 points in the upcoming match against Norwich.In terms of confrontation performance, West Ham is still the better team, they have been unbeaten in the last 5 confrontations, including 3 victories and 2 draws. Specialists tonight matchmaking that both see the upcoming match as a battle of survival and they will enter the fight with the highest determination. The final score will not be too big, but West Ham will enjoy the victory. Players should choose according to the away team.

Statistics show that the last 6/7 home matches of Norwich have no more than 2 goals scored. On the other side, West Ham have conceded at least 2 goals in 9/11 rounds back here. So it can be seen that both Norwich and West Ham are possessing an uncertain defense, even with 63 times to concede Norwich is the team that has received the most goals conceded so far in the tournament so far. in. In situations where both want to put their strength on the front of the attack, there is a high chance that the door will explode.

The home ground can not save the poor form of Norwich this season, not to mention this team has just experienced 3 consecutive defeats here. Meanwhile, West Ham may not have a good performance, but the performance of this team is still better and more reliable than Norwich. Predict West Ham will get the lead to the lead and always win the first half.