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EPL: Swans vs SWFC

The journey in the Championship has now reached the final stage, when the teams have only 6 rounds left to meet the goal. The goal of crossing the 4-point gap with the first Swansea group also does not have much time.

The problem for Swansea at the present time is the ability to take advantage of the opportunity of attack. They could have made Middlesbrough hate 0-3, but soon lost to Luton Town with 0-1. Stability is what the "Swans" are lacking.

However, this problem is significantly improved if Swansea plays at home. This is what they need to take full advantage of, especially in the reception for Sheffield Wednesday in the upcoming match.

Referring to Sheffield Wednesday, the latest impression they bring is not fun, when this team received a disastrous defeat with 3 goals not removed on the pitch of West Bromwich Albion. However, this is not the only failure with the great gap of Mr. Monk's teachers and students in the past time.

What Sheffield Wednesday brings can be a big disappointment, but with the player's lack of science in the defensive, they deserve it. Even this crisis continues throughout the coming time.

In front of a rival who is both mentally weak and weak like Sheffield Wednesday, the opportunity for Swansea is really wide open.