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At the beginning, the house listed Wolves handicap to a tie and this is the highest match in the history of encounters between the two teams. Previously, Wolves was rated with the highest rate of only 3/4 in the second leg of the 2008/2009 season in the first-class playground and in that match, the team nicknamed the Wolves won with a rate of number 2-1.

There are many reasons to explain the cause of this "jump", because this is the season that Wolves is playing very impressive. 36 matches, Wolves are currently ranked in 6th place with 56 points and this is the last place to get tickets to attend the Europa League from the group stage.

However, the gap between Wolves and Tottenham is only a point, even, they are only 2 points better than the 8th position of Sheffield United. So the remaining 2 rounds, coach Nuno Santo and teachers still have to win the maximum score to preserve the position.

Back to the encounter with Crystal Palace tomorrow morning, in addition to the motivation to play when the opponent has run out of goals, the style of Crystal Palace is also going downhill. 6 consecutive games, Palace lost, 3 matches as a guest, coach Roy Hodgson and his teachers also lost their backs, blatantly with the scores 0-2, 0-3 and 0-4 against Liverpool, Leicester and Aston Villa. So it is not surprising that Palace will continue to lose on the pitch of Wolves tonight.