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LaLiga: Barca vs CAO

Barcelona has made it difficult on the journey to the throne, because the series of instability since La Liga re-competition has made teachers and coaches Quique Setien lose all advantages. By this time, the agency was no longer in the hands of Messi and his teammates. However, Barcelona still had to fight to the end and wait for something unthinkable to happen.

After 36 rounds have passed in La Liga, Barcelona owns 79 points thereby holding 2nd place in the rankings. The chance for Barcelona to take over the top of Real Madrid while the tournament has only two rounds left is quite low when the distance of the two teams is 4 points. Although the opportunity to win the championship is not much because La Liga this season only two more rounds will be officially closed curtain but Barcelona is still forced to continue efforts. Because in the case of losing points to Osasuna, Blaugrana will officially become the former king. In fact, even though Barcelona won Osasuna, Real Madrid won all 3 points at the reception of Villarreal, everything still fell. However, as we know Villarreal is not easily defeated and Barcelona has a reason to drag the end to the final round. Therefore, Barcelona still need 3 points against Osasuna and indeed it is not difficult for them to accomplish that goal.

Obviously the motivation of Osasuna this season is not too much. Currently the team has a safe position when ranked 11th in the rankings with 48 points. Having to march to an opponent that is too strong and very thirsty like Barcelona, ​​it is really a difficult task for the visitors. Remember the last 7 guests on the pitch of Barcelona, ​​Osasuna lost with 2 or more goals. The last two matches against Osasuna in Catalan, Messi and teammates even scored 14 goals and only once to concede. Not to mention, Osasuna has not lost in time, only winning 1 and losing to 3 in the last 5 rounds. With the current competitive attitude, a bold defeat is hard to avoid with Osasuna.