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LaLiga: Real vs VCF

The focus of round 37 of the Spanish league is a debt match between Real Madrid and Villarreal. Yellow submarines are expected to become annoying roadblocks to "white vultures" in the throne race this season. However, heaven was ahead and Real Madrid did not want to make it long. Therefore, by all means the army of coach Zinedine Zidane will retain 3 points to crown early before a round.

Real Madrid are playing extremely sublime after La Liga returned from the epidemic. Specifically, they won all 9 matches and rose to the top of the rankings. Currently "white vultures" still maintain a distance of 4 points compared to rivals Barcelona to hold a big advantage in the race to the championship. The task of Real Madrid is relatively simple, they only need to get 2 points in the last 3 rounds to automatically win the championship. Thus, 3 points against Villarreal in the upcoming confrontation will help Real Madrid officially crowned. The last round was a little difficult but the "white vulture" still had a 2-1 victory over Granada. Real Madrid is now free of any dependencies and individuals. "White Vultures" is the team to concede at least in La Liga this season with only 22 goals after 36 rounds. The offensive play is still quite impressive with 66 goals, only behind Barcelona. Therefore, the throne is completely worth the results after what Real Madrid has shown.

Villarreal this season they also show a stable performance. The Yellow Submarine has won up to 4 victories in the last 6 rounds. The ticket to the European Cup is almost in hand. They are currently 57 points and 5th in the rankings after 35 rounds. It is not easy to beat Villarreal with other teams at this time. It is worth mentioning that Villarreal won all of the last 4 away games. The number must make Real Madrid pay attention if you do not want to miss the coronation day. In terms of confrontation, the Yellow Submarine is a very annoying name when it only lost 1 and also won 1 in the last 5 times encountered Real Madrid. Of course this is too sensitive time for the "white vultures" and most likely they will still get 3 points, but it must be an easy victory.