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League One: Wycombe vs FTFC

Because the English second division ended 10 rounds early due to the flu, Fleetwood was lucky enough to get a ticket to play in the playoffs for promotion this season.  Remember, they only stand in 6th place and only 1 point ahead of the 7th ranked team.

But it is undeniable that Fleetwood has made positive strides in performance.  Calculated before the British 2nd Division temporarily halted, they had 12 consecutive games unbeaten.  For investors, this is the basis for them to put their trust in coach J. Barton's team in the first leg of the playoffs semi-finals.

Everything went even more smoothly for Fleetwood Town when their opponent in the semi-finals was a wild Wycombe Wanderers.  Counting in the British second division, Wycombe Wanderers has won only 5 matches, drew 1 and received 8 defeats in the last 14 rounds.  Worth mentioning, they lost to 6/7 away matches in the aforementioned series.