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Leeds United To The Premier League After 16 Years

In the early 1990s, Leeds United won their third and final league title and for the next decade were one of the Premier League's best clubs.  They reached their peak season when in the 2000/01 season they reached the semi-finals of the Champions League and had players like Rio Ferdinand, Harry Kewell and Robbie Keane.

But what looked like a journey to the top was really the beginning of their Calvary walk.

They invested heavily in new players, but that meant financial worries for the club.  They were first forced to sell off their stars before leaving the Premier League in 2004.  The financial problems remained and in 2007 they were relegated to the English third division.  In 2010, they returned to The Championship, but have not managed to step up to the fine room again.

Under Marcelo Bielsa's leadership, Leeds have taken step after step and on Thursday night they put themselves in a golden position for promotion when they beat Barnsley 1-0.

All they needed was a point in their last two games or a loss of points from second-placed WBA.  The latter came already on Friday night.

WBA ended up at an early disadvantage away against Huddersfield after a goal from Chris Willock.  But they came back at the end of the first half with a goal from a suspicious offside position from Dara O'Shea.

The WBA desperately chased for another goal, but that only led to a 2-1 goal from Huddersfield that ensures Leeds are now back in the Premier League next season.