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Live TV Streaming: Bucks vs Celtics

The most notable match this round will be the encounter of Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics when the two teams are in the top 3 of the Eastern rankings.  

Confrontation history shows that the army of Milwaukee Bucks is outperforming with the 5/6 most recent victories in this pair, waiting to see if the Boston Celtics can break the "match" or teachers Mike Budenholzer will triumph after 4 competition set.

Milwaukee Bucks

Overwhelming New Orleans Pelicans in the first set but playing quite subjectively, Mike Budenholzer's army allowed the opponent to come back up with a final score of 103-124. The result did not affect Milwaukee Bucks when they also had 2/3 of the victory in the friendly match, and superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo was always in the top of the scoring every game, he showed no sign of lowering. heat on goal scoring despite a long break. Delayed to the top of the Eastern table with 53 victories after 65 rounds, Mike Budenholzer's teachers and students were far behind the chasing group when the gap of top2 Toronto Raptors was up to 7 victories and this will definitely be the position to finish the round. This year's NBA type when they have only 8 rounds left.

Boston Celtics

Brad Stevens's army had the opportunity to rub against opponents of the same area as Houston Rockets or Oklahoma City Thunders in 3 friendly matches, but they made fans disappointed with 2/3 failure among them. Temporarily ranked in the top 3 with 43 victories after 64 rounds, the gap is 3 points above and the group below the top4 Miami Heat is coming very close when only 2 victories, need positive results to stretch but things This is becoming difficult when encountering Milwaukee Bucks in this match, the history of confrontation is not too bright for them when the last 5/6 defeat. Hoping to put on the shoulders of Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker, both have an average of 44.8 points scored per round which will be the factor that makes a difference.

Live TV Streaming: Bucks vs Celtics