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Live TV Streaming: Trail Blazers vs Grizzlies

The opportunity for Portland Trail Blazers can shorten the gap with the Play-offs team but with a lack of convincing performance a positive result is not feasible at the moment.  

On the other side of the front line, Taylor Jenkins teachers and students are in need of more victory to improve the gap with the chasing team, so they will play with the strongest squad.

Portland Trail Blazers

There were no surprises in the last round when Terry Stotts's army was overwhelmed by Oklahoma City Thunder from the beginning, and led to all three-quarters of the set before closing the day with the overall defeat. contest 120-131. This is also the third consecutive defeat in the friendly period and perhaps Mr. Terry Stotts did not care about this result when not giving the strongest squad when Portland Trail Blazers superstars like CJ McCollum or Damian Lillard appear very rarely on the field during the 3 matches. Temporarily ranked 9th with 29 victories after 66 rounds, in both tables, the Portland Trail Blazers are the most competitive team in the Play-offs when the difference is only 3 points, Memphis confronts Grizzlies will be a great opportunity for teachers and students Terry Stotts to shorten the gap so that the hope of going forward will be brighter.

Memphis Grizzlies

With Ja Morant's consistent performance, scoring 22 points, 3 rebounds and 12 assistants with 7 players scoring on 2 numbers, he submerged Miami Heat with the score 128-110 in the last friendly match. Finding the joy of victory is undoubtedly the better medicine for Taylor Jenkins' army before entering the final phase of this year's NBA, temporarily ranked 8th with 32 victories after 65 rounds, the way The team is too big with 8 points and the Dallas 7 Mavericks top while there are only 8 rounds left, so the goal of Memphis Grizzlies will be to maintain the current rank and victory is a must in the opening game to stretch. distance from the pursuing group. Confrontation history is quite bright for teachers Taylor Jenkins with 2/3 of the nearest victory.

Live TV Streaming: Trail Blazers vs Grizzlies