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Live TV Streaming: Wizards vs Suns

Not appreciated in the final matches of the NBA qualifier and the chances of going forward will be very slim for both Washington Wizards and Phoenix Suns.  

A win will give both hope and see who will smile after finishing four sets of matches on the Visa Athletic Center.

Washington Wizards

Up to 7 Washington Wizards players scored on 2 numbers in the last match, but that was not enough for Scott Brooks' teachers and students to surprise before the top1 Los Angeles Lakers in the final round of the friendly series. The start of the match was not very smooth with 3 consecutive defeats, this is also hard to blame Washington Wizards when they confronted all 3 top teams so that Scott Brooks teachers and students could only take the battle. Temporarily ranked 9th in the East with 24 victories after 64 rounds, the ability of the Capital One Arena team to go forward is very fragile when it is necessary to have 6 victories by level8 Orlando Magic's top level while only remaining Eight rounds, besides Washington Wizards are not in the strongest squad in the absence of the Beadley Beal scoring machine, so know he has an average of 30.

Phoenix Suns

With the brilliance of Mikal Bridges scoring 23 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assistants, and 4 players scoring on 2 numbers, Monty Williams's teachers and students did not let the opponent have any lead set to get there. surprising victory over Toronto champion Raptors with the score 117-106. Experiencing 3 friendly rounds and having met the opponents in the top5 but the Phoenix Suns have up to 2/3 of the victory, this is an extremely positive signal before their first match in the main season takes place. Temporarily ranked 13th with 26 victories after 65 rounds, the gap of top 8 Memphis Grizzlies is 6 victories, making Phoenix Suns' goal similar to Washington Wizards, however Phoenix Suns are in the strongest team with super players. Devin Bookers, this is a promising factor to make a difference in this matchup.

Live TV Streaming: Wizards vs Suns