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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles city war certainly received a lot of expectations as both teams ranked the highest in the rankings. The strength of the Los Angeles Lakers is being appreciated more in this match, but the confrontation history shows that Doc Rivers' army has 3/4 of the nearest victory. Let's wait and see which team will triumph after 4 sets of competitions.

Los Angeles Lakers

Although not the presence of "King" LeBron James, but with the shine from rookie Dennis Smith Jr when leading the scoring list with 20 points 5 rebounds, helped the home team overwhelming Washington Wizards 3/4 set to play. before closing with the score 123-116. This is a very positive signal, when the player has just moved from the New York Knicks showing a stable performance and desire to show, promising to be a new factor alongside the duo LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Other teams must be afraid. Delayed in the Western top1 with 49 victories after 63 rounds and the gap of the top2 Los Angeles Clippers quite safe with 5 victories, two consecutive positive results in the friendly match will bring the Los Angeles Lakers players back. being in good form so that teachers and students Frank Vogel will continue to widen the distance the team chase after this match.

Los Angeles Clippers

Facing a drastic change from the same city team, Doc Rivers' army is not inferior to the current top 2 of the West, compared to the previous season, they have also increased to 6 levels. However, the foothold is not too sure that the top 3 of Denver Nuggets has come very close and is only 1 win away, the friendly phase was not too convincing when the Los Angeles Clippers had just lost unexpectedly to Sacramento Kings, the team ranked below 9. ranks, this will be quite a negative signal before the NBA recovers and the upcoming Los Angeles Lakers war. Having the best duo Kawhi Leonard and Paul George has an average of 47.4 points per round, this will be the factor that makes the difference in this pair.