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NBA: New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz

The tough NBA tournament has officially started again with the opening match between New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz. Ranking up to 6 places makes Quin Snyder's army more appreciated in this match, but New Orleans Pelicans is showing maturity in the past matches, waiting to see which team will sing. triumph after 4 sets of competitions.

New Orleans Pelicans

Despite the strong presence of the demigod Antetokounmpo, Alvin Gentry's army showed extremely solid play with 6 players scoring on 2 numbers that overwhelmed them top1 Milwaukee Bucks 3/4 set of matches. before closing with the final score 124-103. Constantly facing strong teams like top3 Denver Nuggets or top1 Milwaukee Bucks, but New Orleans Pelicans are showing a different face and winning all three friendly matches, this will be a good mental medicine. more for New Orleans Pelicans to help them make a comeback to the Play-offs when the gap to compete top8 is 4 wins. The confrontation with Utah Jazz will be quite a difficult challenge for Alvin Gentry's teachers and students, but if overcome, it will show a great opportunity for the next step.

Utah Jazz

Rudy Gobert's shine in the tournament, when he scored 20 points and 7 rebounds, contributed significantly to the victory for Utah Jazz even though they only got a lead set against the Brooklyn Nets. Two consecutive victories in the friendly period helped Quin Snyder teachers and students gradually get acquainted with the intense intensity of the NBA tournament, temporarily ranked in the top 4 of the West and not too worried about the ability to attend the Play-offs however This is the area where the fierce competition in the rankings comes when there are 3 teams in the lower team just one month behind Utah Jazz and Quin Snyder teachers and students only need 2 positive results to compete in the top 3 Denver Nuggets , so they will play with the strongest squad to achieve the intent of the NBA return.