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Nice vs Celtic

This is a match in the friendly tournament in France with the participation of Nice, PSG, Lyon, Celtic and Rangers. This is just the first match of Celtic after the COVID epidemic. Meanwhile, Nice had 2 friendly matches before losing 0-1 to Lyon and 1-4 against Saint Etienne. Earlier, due to the epidemic situation, the French Football Federation (FFF) decided to end the tournaments early. Accordingly, Nice has ended 28 rounds in Ligue 1 with 5th place in the table with a record of winning 11, drawing 8 and losing 9 matches. Last season, Nice played very well at home, winning 10, drawing 4 and losing 4 matches but 16/18 conceded.

Meanwhile, Celtic continue to show their dominance in the Scottish League with the 9th consecutive season and the 51st in history. All season, Celtic won 26, drew 2 and lost only 2 matches in domestic. This is not too surprising achievement when they are too strong compared to the rest. Remarkably, Celtic had 5 away games in the European Cup with the results of winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 1. In particular, they drew 1-1 when they were guests in France on the pitch of Rennes. Overall, this is a balanced match because Nice is also at home. The remarkable point of Nice this match is that they had the 3rd match after COVID epidemic so physical strength and preparation are also better than Celtic this match. Therefore, should believe the homeowners will get victory in this match even though they can concede.