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Serie A: ACM vs PAR

Milan are accepting a low predictions when they are facing Parma on Wednesday. In fact, this is not difficult to understand when looking at the current performance and rankings of the two teams.

The level of the confrontation is also up to 3. The house does not appreciate the ability to rake and let the profit return up to 0.98 for this door.

Milan has not lost since the season returned after the Covid-19 epidemic. Notably, the last series of games was assessed to be very difficult for this team when repeatedly confronting fierce rivals.

At the end of June, the San Siro home team defeated Roma. Next, they knocked down both representatives of the top 3, Lazio and Juventus. The closest, the Rossoneri also won 1 point on the pitch of Napoli. This achievement is clearly not due to temporary performance.

On the other side of the pitch, 5 consecutive games Parma did not know the smell of victory in 5 consecutive games and received 4 defeats. Against rivals such as Verona or Bologna, they can not regain the joy of winning.

The achievement of Parma's away football is of course not quite good. In the last 8 matches, they have only won 2 victories. Expect this team to be able to do things before Milan is impossible.