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Serie A: Juve vs ATA

Juventus had just experienced a bitter defeat on the pitch of AC Milan. This is also the first defeat that this team has to receive since coming back. 

This defeat caused the gap between Juventus and Lazio at the back to narrow to 7 points. It can be seen that the players on the offensive line of Juventus still complete the task, they show sharpness in the situations involved in the attack, Ronaldo and Dybala are the two brightest names. But the defense of this team seems to be facing some problems, especially in the last 2-4 loss. For 3 consecutive rounds, Juventus could not keep a clean sheet, even when it was only against opponents that were not too much. If unable to improve these holes, Juventus may have to receive bitter fruit before Atalanta's powerful attack.

On the other side, Atalanta is still very sublime in Serie A, a series of 8 consecutive victories has proved that. This team officially overcame Inter to climb up to third on the table with 66 points obtained after 31 rounds. Even, Atalanta also ambition to win the runner-up of Lazio when the distance is now only 2 points. Traveling to Juventus as a guest in the upcoming match, the Atalanta players have determined in advance for a difficult game but they have the basis to hope for a positive result.In the last 4 clashes, Atalanta has had 2 times forcing the opponent to divide points, 1 time to lose and 1 time to defeat Juventus. Adding to the high performance at the present time, the aim to at least a draw result is entirely reasonable. Expert truss also judged that the next match will be closed with a draw, so players can choose to follow Atalanta by the house to Juventus accept 0.25 goals.

Except for the loopholes in the defense, Juventus still deserves to be one of the teams with respectable attacks in Serie A this season. On the other side, Atalanta is even more sublime on the offensive front, this is the key to help this team win all 5 rounds since the Italian national championship returned with a total of 13 phases. set up. The first leg of the two teams also gave fans an attractive match with 4 goals scored. There is a high possibility that the upcoming match will continue to explode.

Atalanta possesses an impressive goalscoring form, regardless of whether he plays on home or away. Meanwhile, the home ground is still a safe base for Juventus players, in the first minutes of the match, it is likely that Juventus will take advantage of this to score the lead. However, this lead does not last long because it is predicted that Atalanta will also score in the first 45 minutes. As such, players in the first half may choose to follow the Atalanta away team.