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Serie A: Juve vs Il Toro

Juventus is leveling all obstacles on the way to the championship, rather than until now, has not found any names that can prevent the Old Lady of Turin. From Inter Milan, Lazio to Atalanta, they all chased weakly before accepting second.

A few days ago, Juventus won again, this time, they beat Genoa 3-1 right on the opponent's field. It was the 6th consecutive victory for teachers and coach Maurizio Sarri in Serie A and their 23rd victory since the start of the tournament.

With 72 points after 29 matches, Juventus naturally dominated the top of the table with 4 points more than rival Lazio and tonight, they will come close to the championship when they are playing at home and welcome weak opponent Torino.

In the past, the encounters between Juventus and Torino often occurred extremely attractive, the Turin derby has always attracted the attention of the soccer world because of tension and drama. But in recent years, it has become disparate with the overwhelming superiority of Juventus.

Since the beginning of 2000, the two teams have had 25 encounters and Juventus have only failed once, the remaining 24 matches, they have won 20 of the 4 draw results. In addition, Torino has not once enjoyed the joy of winning trips to Juventus since 1998 until now.

At the moment, Torino is also down in form. In the two recent rounds in Serie A, teachers and coaches Moreno Longo have nothing left before Lazio and Cagliari. Away from home, Torino is also performing very badly with a series of 5 consecutive losses and currently, they have fallen to the second half of the Serie A.