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Serie A: Juve vs SS L

The first leg of this season, Lazio beat Juventus 3-1, the Italian Super Cup match, Lazio once again showed confidence when beating Juventus with the same score. That is the first sign that the possibility of the Old Lady of Turin will continue to face difficulties in the match against the representative of the capital of Serie 34 round which will take place tomorrow morning.

Indeed, unlike previous years, Juventus this season no longer makes rivals in Serie A afraid. 3 consecutive rounds recently, the old lady of Turin did not win, they lost 2-4 on AC Milan in the lead to 2 goals, Atalanta was held in a match that only "VAR", Juventus just avoid a losing face at home.

And against Sassuolo a few days ago, Juventus continued to show that they were really having problems. Facing an unappreciated opponent, coach and coach Maurizio Sarri struggled to get a 3-3 draw thanks to an equalizer by Alex Sandro in the final minutes.

On Lazio's side, although they are in bad shape, overall, this is the season in which the Italian capital's team played well. Currently, they are ranked 4th in the rankings with 69 points, 12 points behind the team of the city of Rome and the Champions League ticket is completely under Lazio's control.

There are many reasons to believe that this match will have many goals scored. On the Juventus side, the last 6 matches of the Old Lady of Turin have at least 3 goals / match, and the Lazio 4/5 recent matches of the visitors have the same results. In particular, as mentioned, the last 2 confrontations, Lazio have defeated Juventus with a score of 3-1.