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Serie A: NAP vs ACM

Round 32 Serie A, Napoli will have a difficult reception for AC Milan guests at San Paolo. At this moment, both of them are in very good shape, and they are also direct competitors for the European Cup. Having said that, it will be an uncompromising match when the reward for the winner will be the 5th place in the rankings.

After a period of very disappointing first leg, it seems Napoli will sink deep and have a season to throw away. But with his level, this big man woke up in time. Specifically, Napoli won 7/8 of the last round, the remaining match they lost to an opponent who is too strong and stable through Atalanta with a score of 0-2. On all fronts, the San Paolo team has a very good record of winning 9, drawing 2 and losing only 1 in the last 12 matches. Currently, Napoli is in the sub-group for the Europa League next season in terms of sub-index, with 51 points with the fifth-ranked opponent, AS Roma. That said, to see how determined coach Gennaro Gattuso and his students will play in the upcoming AC Milan reception.

Just like Napoli, AC Milan has a first leg of the season that is extremely disappointing. But unbelievable acceleration after coming back from the pandemic helped AC Milan relive a lot of hope. If not counting the unfortunate footfall against Atalanta in the 29th round, Insigne and his teammates have won 7 of the last 8 matches in Serie A. The latest match despite being 0-2 in the confrontation with Juventus, AC Milan still excellent comeback to win with the score 4-2. In the past 4 matches, the excellence of the attack has helped AC Milan beat 3 Serie A giants, Juventus, Lazio and Roma. A victory against Napoli in the next match will help AC Milan surpass the opponent, as well as push the opponent down. Continuing the uplift, AC Milan aims to win an important victory for the whole season.