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Serie A: SAS vs Juve

Looking at the confrontation table, it can be said that Juventus' superiority over Sassuolo is very clear. Since 2016, the home team has not once enjoyed the victory over the Old Lady of Turin and in the last 7 games to welcome Juventus at home, Sassuolo has only once won, the rest. is a draw with 5 defeats.

However, the historical factor is only for reference and certainly, it cannot be the basis for judging that Juventus will continue to have a victory over Sassuolo when the two teams face each other in the round of 34 Serie A taking place tomorrow morning. .

Because what both are showing is completely opposite. It is possible that Sassuolo with home ground will prevent the successful progress of the Old Lady of Turin.

In terms of form, the last 2 rounds, Juventus played very badly, the Bianconeri lost 2-4 in AC Milan and a few days ago, only luckily helped teachers and coach Maurizio Sarri avoid defeat at Atalanta on home court. Twice were given the lead, but both times Juventus benefited from the referee's decisions with two penalties and Ronaldo succeeded.

Meanwhile Sassuolo is going through the most uplifting stage of the competition. In the last 4 consecutive rounds, they have won, in which Sassuolo overcame Fiorentina 3-1, defeated Lecce 4-2, defeated the home team Bologna 2-1 and most recently, they created a earthquake when defeated Lazio in second place with a score of 2-1 in the capital of Rome.