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SerieATIM: InterMilan vs Le Rondinelle

A season has been set a lot of expectations for Inter Milan, but the drop of unfortunate scores is making this team dig their own hole to bury the Scudetto dream. That said, the season still has 10 rounds and the opportunity is still there for teachers and teachers Antonio Conte. However, if you want to accomplish that goal, even a slightest mistake is not allowed to repeat.

Inter Milan's dream of claiming to be king is increasingly distant, as this team is showing an unstable performance in recent times. In the 27th round, although the team enjoyed the home advantage and the superior team. However, teachers and coach Antonio Conte could not take advantage of the success and was forced to split points with Sassuolo in the match with up to 6 goals. Calculation Inter Milan have lost 2 and also won only 2 in the last 5 rounds. The team currently has 61 points after 28 rounds, including 18 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses. With the distance being 8 points to the top of Juventus, there are too many reasons for Inter Milan to retain 3 points in this confrontation. However, coach Antonio Conte and his students should note. The first match against the Serie A first leg this season, Brescia made Inter Milan extremely hard to win with a score of 2-1. The last time he was on the pitch of Inter Milan, Brescia even got a draw.

Brescia was not appreciated before Serie A this season started and everything up to now is true to that judgment. Even Brescia is considered the repository of Serie A this season. This team is showing a very poor performance in recent times with a record of 13 matches not knowing the smell of victory. Although the last 2 rounds they both brought 1 point, but that was not enough for a miracle at the end of the season. Currently Brescia has 18 points after 28 rounds. That achievement came from 4 wins, 8 draws and had to accept up to 16 losses. The fact that the safety team is 8 points lower is too difficult for this rookie to stay in Serie A next season.