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UFC 251: Usman vs. Masvidal - Main Card Preview

A monster. If you don't believe it, ask Leon Edwards, Warlley Alves, Sergio Moraes, Demian Maia, Rafael dos Anjos, Tyron Woodley, Colby Convigton and the other Kamaru Usman victims (16-1 in MMA and 11-0 in the UFC). This is the trail of destruction left by the UFC welterweight champion since he migrated to MMA. For that, he left a solid career in wrestling in which he was national champion and three times All-American of Division II of the NCAA. The university circuit went through relevant events, such as RFA and Legacy, and received the opportunity to fight in the UFC through TUF 21, which won, and went up each step as it evolved and put itself as a promising name.

The Nigerian surpassed all of these expectations by imposing wrestling and dominating positions. The ground and pound edge vandalism, clinch is suffocating and the power seems unrealistic. For the nightmare of the rest of the division, Usman went on to learn from Henri Hooft how to improve his powerful punches and from there he came out with an efficient move, the discernment of when to use the most powerful blows with his back hand and how to turn around while he arms. trap of sticking and smothering the unwary.

Jorge Masvidal (35-13 in MMA and 11-6 in the UFC) was in the holy peace of a money war with the UFC, which has been going on since he beat Nate Diaz for the symbolic BMF belt in late 2019. everyone knows (more or less), there is an epidemic that has plagued the world in the last three months, and this unfortunate disease has contaminated the Brazilian Gilbert Durinho who would be Usman's original opponent. With an extra handful of dollars, Masvidal decided to make up for the shortage of Saturday's third title dispute. It is not that he does not deserve the opportunity, as he comes from impressive knockouts against Darren Till and Ben Askren, in addition to the aforementioned Diaz. He has also stood out for his image management, which makes him drop in front of the others who like the speech “I fight with whom the UFC wants, I'm ready”.

Jorge has that exciting combination of wrestler who likes to beat his ass. Not for nothing, the first opportunity he became known was in the human backyard fights promoted by the late Kimbo Slice. Before that, the American practiced wrestling at school and with the migration to MMA, he added very efficient boxing and good transitions and submissions to talk with the takedown game. Masvidal is a very complete fighter, sinning a lot more for not putting intensity on what he knows, especially when he needs to take the initiative. Defensively it is reasonable, and has as a trump card a very good set of blows, after all, get out of the fight without gloves by the quarrels of life.
In this pandemic scenario, fights become more unpredictable, mainly because of the difficulties that athletes train in an ideal way. For fighters who use a lot of strength and fitness like Usman, this is a disadvantage and can change a CNTP scenario. On the other hand, Masvidal accepted the fight at the last minute and we don't know how he will be for the biggest challenge of his career. Anyway, if the two are well for the fight, the American will depend as never before on his chin and on his versatility in the fight to keep from being stuffed and ground without mercy.

Masvidal has a good knockout power, but, as we know, to depend on that solitary hand is to depend on luck. Jorge can try submissions, but Usman also knows how to defend himself and has left no loopholes. The prognosis is that Usman will use clinch , conditioning and ground and pound to win the judges' decision, but if I were to bet on a lucky hand knocking out, it would also be the Nigerian's.